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Est. 2000 Park City, Utah

2011 Santa Clara, Utah

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How about some live music?

The Sons of Lee Marvin working it out in Park City

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About Us

Bicycle Sales, Serivce & Consulting

We're a very small, very professional, brick and mortar shop with locations in northern and southern Utah.  Our shop specializes in high end sales and service with mobile/race/event support available.  Custom builds, house brand builds as well as consulting for used market purchases and upgrades.  Call for pricing and an appointment.


Offering low cost general dentistry at our office in Santa Clara and advice/referrals/options on what to do if you are in Park City.

Acoustic Music

Acoustic, American music played solo, group, backing or session.  Call for booking information - same number/email as the shop.


We're still working on this part


Available Exclusively by Appointment

Ride N' Smile!

Dharma Wheels

1500 Kearns C203 Park City, Utah 84060 3176 Santa Clara Drive Santa Clara, Utah 84765

(435) 615-6819

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